LONDON - Couture Fair, a launch pad for emerging designers of high‐end fashion, held its inaugural event June 7-9 at the Calvert 22 gallery in London’s Shoreditch district, giving the public and industry players exclusive access to exquisite luxury at affordable prices.
Couture Fair is an event and online platform set up to promote new labels, independent brands and undiscovered fashion talent. The event at Calvert 22 was as much an exhibition of creative couture as an opportunity to buy unique clothing, hats and jewellery directly from the creators.

A smashing hit, Couture Fair has elegantly made it’s mark and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for these to-be-watched for designers,” writes fashion critic Jovaneca Jean-Gilles in The Upcoming magazine.
“The venue? Exquisite. The goodies? Even better. Located at the Calvert 22 art gallery (which boasts immediate chic), we were greeted with fancy pastries and bubbles-in-tow. As we walked around the bend, we were blown away by the talent London has to offer.”

Couture Fair was established to shine a light on the very best emerging talent, regardless of wealth, connections or education. It provides a chance for superb new labels and undiscovered designers to raise their profile, get exposure, collaborate with others and find buyers for their work.

“Every design has a story – and you can hear it straight from the source,” said Couture Fair Director Jelena Marinovic.

“It’s a simple idea but it hasn’t been done till now. We find the most talented new designers before they hit the big time. We handpick their best pieces, almost as if we were curating an exhibition.

“You come and meet them in intimate, elegant surroundings, with great music and something for all the senses. It’s a fun day out in a wonderful part of London – and you might even pick up an original, high-end gem without being a millionaire.”

Sixteen designers with connections to 14 countries took part in the inaugural Couture Fair, with influences ranging from the Amazon jungle to antique love letters and Chinese jade craft. Designers hailed from countries diverse as Peru, Estonia, France, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Russia, Greece, India, Spain, Korea, Italy, Holland and Britain. The common link was a connection with London.

While the flavours were international, the common link was a connection with London. Like the city, the fair was a melting pot of cultures and aesthetics. Yet all the designers shared a common ambition to become globally successful at the high end of the luxury fashion market.

“It’s something that you can have in your wardrobe, something you can afford, but it’s not entirely machine made,” said designer Laboni Saha. “There’s a lot of handwork. There’s a lot of personal involvement in the production of these pieces.”

Designer Robert Gray: “I like the fact that it’s very much an exhibition. It’s about creating an installation as much as selling your garments or getting exposure for your garments.”

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Written by Jelena Marinovic — June 26, 2013

Couture Fair is an independent boutique event in London showcasing the luxurious, high-end work of carefully curated independent labels and new fashion designers. The event is a business launchpad for the best emerging talent. Discover and buy designs that are exquisite, cutting edge, unique.


‘It was a pleasure to show alongside the many talented designers there.’
– Nicola Crawford

‘The mix of designers was great and the response from visitors was outstanding.’
- Laboni Saha

‘I came from Russia especially for this event! All the participants were absolutely unique.’
- Aliona Lantukh

‘It was a pleasure to work with such a nice group of people!’
- Sheena Bulsara