Anes Kim


Anes Kim is a jewelry designer and artist based in London. She graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in jewelry design in 2012. Though her education background is mostly focused on jewelry, she has always been interested in drawing and painting.

Painting is a significant tool for her to explore her creativity. Due to her great fascination in art, craft, design and fashion, Anes chose to move to London, a city of mixed culture. 

The jewellery

“An Emerging Creature” is a project that seeks to invigorate jade through the use of leather in a contemporary way and with a wild combination of materials. 

The project uses the relationship between the wearer’s skin and leather “skin” to create a unique jade jewellery collection. The shape was started from a fern as an organic iconographic form used in Chinese jade craft during Ming and Quing dynasties, then evolved into an emerging creature in spirals, undulations, curves, volumes, flows, rhythm and dynamism.

What she says

"Although formerly popularly used in Asia, jade no longer appeals to people of my generation. Responding to the many prejudices of jade – such as reminding Westerners of China and the stereotype of jade as an old-fashioned gemstone for the Asian younger generation – is an absorbing challenge for me as a designer." 

What we say

You won’t have seen anything like this before: bold, undulating, musical work of exquisite beauty and craft.

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