Angelika Chilikova


The founder of the London-based CLON8 brand is a Kazakhstan-born, half-Greek, half-Russian fashion designer and craftswoman.

Hailing from a long line of tailors and craftsmen, she began tailoring at a very young age. Her international pedigree has infused her work with cultural influences from Central Asia through the Adriatic via Russia. 

She spent several years working in Greece and Britain for a number of high concept fashion brands before launching CLON8 in 2012.

The clothing 

Chilikova designs and pattern-cuts every garment hersef, making each piece of her collection unique through texture, design and creative cutting. She forges an intriguing bond between urban and modern with a unique combination of luxury quality and sensuality.

What she says 

“CLON8’s spirit lies in the mysterious ease of the silhouettes that comprise its pieces. It aims to blur the line between genders, the avant-garde, ready to wear and conceptions of the norm.”

What we say 

Chilkova’s dresses evoke a yearning for discovery and shine with fresh perspective. 

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 Sample pictures



Image and video credits: Designer portrait by Lefteris Primos. CLON8 video directed and edited by Lee McKarkiel. Actor/Model: Margaux Hollevout. Music: Doubting Thomas

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