Nina van Houten


Nina van Houten is a London-based jewellery designer and all round make-up artist who explores cultural themes through her dynamic works of art. She is a recent Jewellery Design graduate from Central St. Martins.

While at college she received several awards for her work and created a line of headpieces for Berlin Fashion week 2011

After graduating last summer, she designed a fashion jewellery collection for LoveMayka, worked for jewellers Yunus and Eliza and set the “Non-Members Club” pop-up boutique, which featured the works of 13 jewellery designers in Carnaby Street.

More recently, her graduation collection was shown in an exhibition at the Candid Arts Trust.

She is now setting up her own brand under her own name and will launch a new line of contemporary jewellery at the Couture Fair

The jewellery

The Dutch jewellery designer and maker often draws inspiration from cultures with a rich historical background, creating mesmeric pieces with a deeper layer that lure the audience and challenge them to see the original subject with a new perspective.

While studying at Central Saint Martins, van Houten developed an interest in materials and finishes, which often add a unique twist to her designs. This allows her to introduce new textures – and for her original inspirations to metamorphose into captivating, modern designs.

What she says

“Through my background as a make-up artist for theatre, I developed a good eye for colours and textures and you can really see that in my jewellery work as well. I strive to make beautiful, elegant pieces that make you feel just that little bit more glamorous.”

What we say

Feminine, finely wrought and exceptionally well finished, these pieces shimmer with originality and surprise.


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