Robert Gray


Robert Gray is a bespoke designer based in London. He specialised in illustration and video at Art Foundation in Brighton, studying for a year before moving on to University to study BA Film and Moving Image Production for three years at Leeds Metropolitan University. Here Robert specialised in set and costume design.

In 2012, Robert decided to move into freelance fashion design, designing and hand-making one-of-a-kind garments. Last June, he  launched his own  website and label named RobertCharlesGray.

He has sold garments to clients from Brazil, California and Norway. His garments were also chosen by Brett Harkness Photography for an 11-day high fashion shoot in southern France.

RobertCharlesGray is a label that specialises in handmade bespoke designs. Robert also continues to work freelance in London.

The Clothing?

Robert take inspiration from history and artistic and social movements. His work is infused with the theatricality, drama, mental states and ways of life of many popular figures throughout time: anything from the luxurious lifestyle of Marie-Antoinette and Imelda Marcos to the complex mind of Virginia Woolf.

Robert's latest collections debuting at Couture Fair are "Romantic Britannica", an A/W 12/13 collection inspired by Romanticism. It consists of couture evening gowns and separates that use fabrics and silhouettes that are influenced  by fashion trends of the Victorian, Edwardian, Regency and Tudor periods.

The prints and colour palettes evoke the whimsical, dreamlike world of Romanticism while exploring the gothic side to this artistic movement – taking inspiration from works of the Bronte sisters. Overall, the feel of the collection is springlike, yet has been adapted to autumn/winter with heavy fabrics and dark undertones.

The smaller S/S 13 collection, "Incandescent", is inspired by the luminous and iridescent shine of a sparse and hot coastline, exploring light, water, mythical sea creatures and baron lands. The satin and metallic organzas used aim to reflect light and create powerful yet elegant silhouettes that are perfect for summer evening wear.

What he says

“My designs aim to create an impression by exuding theatricality and drama yet still manage to retain an elegance and sophistication. I want to be able to create a fine line where fashion and costume can combine to create clothes that are characteristic and expressive yet also wearable.”

What we say

Robert's love of history and drama fuse in an electric assortment of garments that are at once elegant, dreamlike, bold and sensuous. This is fashion with a narrative -- as much fine art as fine couture.

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– Nicola Crawford

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