Sheena Bulsara


Sheena Bulsara is an art and design graduate from Central Saint Martins. While at Peter Layton’s studio in London, she specialised in making jewellery that co-mingled sterling silver, hand blown glass and perspex. Following her degree, she produced kiln glass pieces for Wedgewood and silversmith commissions.

Sheena later began designing fashion jewellery for high street retailers and high-end brands in London and Paris. She has had significant press coverage for designs produced during this period, including in Grazia, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and on Strictly Come Dancing.

She is now pursuing her long-standing dream of developing her own collection and establishing the SB brand. This brand specialises in one-of-a-kind jewellery.

The jewellery

Exhausted by mass-produced pieces and fast throwaway fashion items, Sheena wants people to feel an essence of harmony and appreciate quality and skill.

She seeks to push the boundaries and preconceptions of costume jewellery, shunning imitations and established conventions. Her vision is to innovate and show her love for fashion jewellery, sometimes blurring the lines between clothing, jewellery and art, allowing ideas and techniques to cross-pollinate to create opulent organic sculptures on the body.

What she says

“My work blends antique, vintage with new modern elements to reinvent timeless classics into one of a kind pieces. My jewellery should be worn boldly and courageously as a statement of the wearer’s personality.”

What we say

Old, new and something quite extraordinary come together in statement pieces that tell their own stories and trigger delicious flights of fancy.


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- Sheena Bulsara