What is Couture Fair?

Couture Fair is an independent boutique event in London showcasing the luxurious, high-end work of a carefully curated group of new fashion designers and young labels.

Our fairs connect discerning shoppers with up-and-coming talent in luxurious and elegant surroundings, allowing them to mingle with designers, try on their creations and learn about their ideas and work.

Our online shop, opening soon, provides a virtual space to showcase and sell clothes, accessories, jewellery and shoes by Couture Fair designers.

When is the next Couture Fair event?

December 2013, venue to be confirmed.


Why should I take part?

Couture Fair gives you direct exposure to discerning buyers hungry for innovative designs, as well as to industry professionals and media. We will promote and market your work aggressively and encourage meaningful connections to help you catapult your career.


How much does it cost?

Please write to designers@couturefair.com to enquire. 


Does Couture Fair take a commision on sales made at the fair?

No. You keep 100 percent of any sales made during the event.


How do I apply to take part?

Please request an application form by writing to designers@couturefair.com 


What are the criteria for acceptance? 

The success of Couture Fair depends on quality. That's why our Selection Committee vets all applications and assesses them on originality, flair, design, vision, craft and materials.


How can I sell my creations on the website?

Designers selected for participation in Couture Fair events are automatically entitled to showcase and sell their work on www.couturefair.com. In the event that we have to turn away promising designers for lack of space, we may still consider their work for inclusion on the website.


Does Couture Fair take a commission on sales made through the website?

We take a commission of 35 percent of online sales. This includes our fee for marketing, promotion, representation, administration and website maintenance.


Any other questions?

Pleasse contact info@couturefair.com or contact a dedicated member of our team.


Couture Fair is an independent boutique event in London showcasing the luxurious, high-end work of carefully curated independent labels and new fashion designers. The event is a business launchpad for the best emerging talent. Discover and buy designs that are exquisite, cutting edge, unique.


‘It was a pleasure to show alongside the many talented designers there.’
– Nicola Crawford

‘The mix of designers was great and the response from visitors was outstanding.’
- Laboni Saha

‘I came from Russia especially for this event! All the participants were absolutely unique.’
- Aliona Lantukh

‘It was a pleasure to work with such a nice group of people!’
- Sheena Bulsara