Couture Fair held its inaugural event June 7-9 at the Calvert 22 gallery in London’s Shoreditch district, giving the public and industry players exclusive access to exquisite luxury at affordable prices. 

Here's a taste of the media coverage:


Couture: Access all areas

Maggie Semple, Women Fashion Stories

"It is not often that we regular folk are given the chance to get up close and personal with couture designers. In fact it is not often we get close to couture itself. A new boutique event aims to change just that by showcasing new emerging fashion designers and young labels at the first ever Couture Fair ... It is a unique opportunity for the designers to get feedback and open up their work to a wider audience and for the general public to hear from the creators themselves the stories and inspirations behind their creations."

Billetto meets Jelena Marinovic, founder of the Couture Fair



"The garments are special, unique and they express individuality. Also, that special something is the attention to detail that has gone into this event. This is not a trade fair. It’s not a market. It’s a carefully curated, handpicked gathering of exceptionally talented designers in a beautiful gallery setting. It’s as much an exhibition as a chance to engage with the designers and find a unique piece of luxury."


For the love of fashion: Couture Fair 2013

 The Upcoming

"A smashing hit, Couture Fair has elegantly made it’s mark and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for these to-be-watched for designers."


Couture Fair 2013

Ameena M. McConnell

"Cast in precious metal, the piece conveys the intention of celebrating an individual's beauty. Abstract, conceptual, delicate, sensorial, wearable design."


Couture Fair

Hoxton Radio

"Couture Fair is an online platform which promotes new independent brands and helps nurture and pioneer fresh talent."


Designer Spotlight: Nicola Crawford

Urban Coco

"I think it’s really important that jewellery tells a story and has meaning to the wearer. I always start my collections by looking for inspiration in places like antique shops, as I love looking around these kinds of places. Once I’ve found something to base the collection on I start designing. Although based on nostalgia I try to give the collections a sleek modern look."

Couture Fair is an independent boutique event in London showcasing the luxurious, high-end work of carefully curated independent labels and new fashion designers. The event is a business launchpad for the best emerging talent. Discover and buy designs that are exquisite, cutting edge, unique.


‘It was a pleasure to show alongside the many talented designers there.’
– Nicola Crawford

‘The mix of designers was great and the response from visitors was outstanding.’
- Laboni Saha

‘I came from Russia especially for this event! All the participants were absolutely unique.’
- Aliona Lantukh

‘It was a pleasure to work with such a nice group of people!’
- Sheena Bulsara